Covid resources

I (still) do a lot of reading related to Covid-19, and at least some of it feels worth sharing.

State of affairs

Covid information sources: How to find out what’s actually going on with Covid now (1 minute read)

Protecting yourself and others

Gathering safely for the holidays: You can mitigate risk without missing out (1 minute read)

Masks: A Buyer’s Guide (being drafted)

Ventilation 101: Public health officials sometimes tell us to “optimize ventilation”, but how do you do that, exactly? (4 minute read)

Why does protecting yourself against Covid upset others? Why people seem more upset about others visibly protecting themselves from Covid than they are about the death and disability that can result from infection (3 minute read)

Myths and facts

Immunity debt is not a thing: You don’t need to get sick with viruses to “exercise” your immune system. (2 minute read)

What if COVID reinfections wear down our immunity? (page pending): Public Health Ontario warned of this possibility in their July 2022 report. Yet the idea remains controversial.

Public Health