Dead Man DVD

Directed by: Jim Jarmusch. Starring: Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Lance Henriksen, Iggy Pop, Billy Bob Thornton, Gabriel Byrne, and Robert Mitchum

Johnny Depp in Dead Man

Synopsis: A young man in search of a fresh start, William Blake (Depp) embarks on an exciting journey to a new town, never realizing the danger that lies ahead. But when a heated love triangle ends in a double murder, Blake finds himself a wanted man, running scared—until a mysterious loner (Gary Farmer) teaches him to face the dangers that follow a “dead man.”

Sample quote: “Stupid white man.” — Nobody

Comment: This movie would not be everyone’s cup of tea: it’s in black and white, it’s slow paced, and it’s weird. I found rather compelling, however. It atmospherically sets up a feeling of dread, even as the black and white mutes the violence and makes the whole experience seem dream-like. I don’t know if I understand the movie all that well, but I’m willing to go along for the ride. Rating: ***

The Extras: The theatrical trailer is included, as well as a Neil Young video that is almost as atmospheric as the film itself. A series of deleted scenes are available as well. In most cases, the film is the better for their omission, but they are nevertheless worth a look.

Usability: The “Deleted Scenes and Outtakes” count take and play like a film reel. Otherwise, the menus are pretty basic to navigate through.

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