Hair DVD

Directed by: Milos Forman. Starring: John Savage, Treat Williams, Beverly D’Angelo, Annie Golden, Dorsey Wright, Don Dacus, and Cheryl Barnes.

Hair movie poster

Synopsis: Claude Hooper Bukowski leaves the family farm for New York City, where he’s due to register for the US Army, who are in active duty in Vietnam. While in New York he is smitten by a girl named Sheila that he spied horseback riding, and “adopted” by a group of fun-loving hippies. Between introductions to various drugs, the hippies make it their mission to get Claude together with Sheila.

Sample quote: “I got life, mother. I got freedom, brother. I got crazy ways, daughter. I got million dollar charm, cousin.” — Berger

Comment: When I was a teenager, I thought this was the coolest, greatest movie ever; I thought Berger was hot; and I yearned to be back in the 1960’s. Watching it now, I get distracted by passing thoughts like “they really shouldn’t take so many drugs” and “why don’t any of them have jobs?” I also now find the tidy Claude hot and Berger kind of a mess.

Sigh. But except for the alarming reminders that I’ve grown old and boring, I still like this movie. The music and dancing are great, and the writer did a fabulous job of wrapping an actual story around the original, plotless Broadway musical. Rating: ***½

The Extras: Very few: The trailer, a gallery of movie posters, and a booklet explaining how the movie evolved.

Usability: As is typical with less-loaded DVDs, this one is not difficult to use.

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