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There’s nothing like live…

Bob Geldof - Sex, Age, and Death cover

Me and Bob

September 20, 2002, Palais Royale, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Join us on our odyssey to the wilds of Toronto, where we saw Sir Bob Geldof give one of the best live performances ever. Warning: Many expletives within. (Or, just one, really, repeated many times.) And also, live sex.

Queen for a Day in Toronto

July 18, 2016, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Queen + Adam Lambert in concert on Toronto 18 July 2017 (which happened to be our 25th wedding anniversary). Part of our “Royal tour” that summer.

Rocks in the Head album cover

Roger Daltrey: Use It or Lose It Tour

November 5, 2011. Casinorama, Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

Originally written on 8 November 2009, when I was in the middle of serious Daltrey-mania. About his concert at Casinorama. All photographs and most videos by Jean.

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Other writings

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We Will Rock You soundtrack

An Ironic Night at the Rock Opera

1 August 2007, Toronto

We Will Rock You performance featuring Brian May and Roger Taylor + the kids from Canadian Idol. (Note that this would be before they started performing full-time with Adam Lambert, whom they met on… American Idol.)

Book review: Is That It? by Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof: Is That It? cover

Book published in 1987, review written in 2003.

The autobiography of the rock star turned activist, from his miserable Irish childhood to his journalism career in Canada, rock stardom, and Live Aid.

Pop! Culture

Report from the 32nd Popular Culture Conference: Music and writing

April 2002

The perspective then on topics such as fan fiction, gay and lesbian print culture (Alison Bechdel, Archie comics, outed teen idols), The Kinks (including an actual original member of), and popular magazine culture.

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