Sleepy Hollow DVD

Directed by: Tim Burton. Starring: Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci and Miranda Richardson.

Sleepy Hollow movie poster

Synopsis: An alternatively frightening and funny retelling of the Sleepy Hollow legend, featuring Tim Burton’s trademark fantastical sets. Master storyteller Burton (Batman, Edward Scissorhands) weaves an eerie, enchanting version of this classic tale of horror. Johnny Depp is Ichabob Crane, an eccentric investigator determined to stop the murderous Headless Horseman. Christina Ricci is Katrina Van Tassel, the beautiful and mysterious girls with secret ties to the supernatural terror.

Sample quote: “But perhaps there is a little bit of witch in you, Katrina. Because you have bewitched me.” — Ichabob Crane

Comment: An engrossing tale in a fantastical setting. Bears repeated viewing, if only to see if the mystery really stands up or not. Rating: ***

The Extras: The best one is the updated interviews with the cast and crew. Also available is a “behind the scenes” featurette and trailers. The commentary by Tim Burton is quite amusing: he doesn’t take himself overly seriously.

Usability: Two-level menus with straightforward options. No problem.

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