TV and Movies

Writings about moving pictures, on both the small and big screens. A lot from the days before streaming services and peak TV…

The Lenair Buffy list

Buffy the Complete Series

Series aired from 1997 to 2003.

Lists of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes: The best, the sexiest, the funniest, and so on.

Very conscious of what the popular opinion was of these things.

Report from the 32nd Popular Culture Conference: TV and Movies

Pop! Culture

Conference held in April 2002

The perspective then on topics such as beer ads, transgender representations, gay characters on TV, and Buffy.

Lots of Buffy.

Johnny Depp movies

Johnny Depp in Chocolat

Remember when Johnny Depp seemed cool, hot, and talented instead of sad, problematic, and disappointing? Well, I was into him them and purchased a number of DVDs (remember them?) he starred. Still good movies, a lot of them…

My So-Called Life DVD cover

My So-Called Life: Complete Series on DVD

Series aired in 1994 to 1995

A review of this fantastic DVD set that is no longer easily available (nor is the series easily streamable, as far as I know).

Fantastic series. Everyone should watch it.

Pretty Woman poster

Pretty Woman: A Fantasy Theme analysis

Film released in 1990.

Originally written 22 July 1991, as a presentation for one of my University of Waterloo Masters English courses. Looks at the film Pretty Woman through the rhetorical lens of fantasy theme analysis.


Singin' in the Rain movie poster

I’m not one of those who loves all musicals. Like anyone, I can find the “stop and sing a song” structure annoying. But when a musical works well—when it really carries the story along, and heightens the emotion in the way that only music can—it’s brilliant. Here are a few I have on DVD.